Some Guy Named Eric Estrada Tried to Get His Mortgage Crowdfunded

September 4, 2014 1 Comment »
Some Guy Named Eric Estrada Tried to Get His Mortgage Crowdfunded

The world is getting stranger and stranger by the day, thanks in part to the Internet and a phenomenon known as “crowdfunding.”

The latest silliness involves a guy with a mortgage who asked the community to pay it off, ostensibly from the kindness of their own hearts.

Unfortunately, the mortgagor in question, Eric Estrada (not the dude from CHIPs that sells swampland), asked the last community one should ask for help, a frugal money-saving group that isn’t big on entitlements.

And he didn’t even have a great reason for requesting the money, other than that it has always been his dream to pay off his mortgage.

He notes in his little story that he isn’t suffering from a disease or living on the streets (obviously), but rather that it’s a personal goal to get that pesky mortgage paid off.

He adds that he and his family have been responsible with money, getting rid of new cars and buying used ones, eating out less often, shopping for clothes at second-hand stores, and so on.

Additionally, the home they purchased was more modest than what they may have been able to afford, a three-bedroom, two-bath home they purchased back in 2010 at “below market value.”

Why Does He Need Our Help?

At this point, you might be wondering why a guy with a home he can apparently easily afford is asking for you (or anyone else) to help pay it off.

Well, he attempts to appeal to the audience with emotion, explaining that donating is a beautiful thing us humans just do, and that the reward would be helping a family.

And that once his mortgage was paid off, the community could help pay other peoples’ mortgages off as well.

Over time, it could even be a “thing” to help pay others’ mortgages off. Wouldn’t that be great?

Heck, he only asked for $5 from 31,000 kind souls to cover the remaining balance on the $167,500 house he purchased east of Los Angeles.

Surely we can all give him $5 and skip our daily latte, right? Probably not.

It’s All Getting Out of Hand

At the end of the day, this whole crowdfunding thing is getting out of control.

It might make sense in extreme situations where people are truly in need, or simply to fund a cool invention or new art project you actually believe in.

But hey, I suppose it doesn’t hurt to ask for money if someone is willing to give it to you because that seems to be a thing these days. Just asking with the hope someone will give you money.

For the record, the guy’s crowdfunding page on GoFundMe no longer exists, and it’s unclear if he ever got any money to pay off his mortgage.

I certainly hope nobody gave him any money, seeing that he supposedly purchased his house below value. If anything, wouldn’t you rather give it to someone who is underwater on their home, or in real need for some particular reason?

By the way, there are better ways to pay off your mortgage faster other than asking complete strangers to throw you a few bucks. You’ll also feel better about yourself for doing it on your own.

You might even have some money left over to donate to some worthwhile causes…

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  1. squashsquid July 18, 2015 at 4:01 pm -

    Wait a minute….. This guys claims to have done some responsible thing in fhis finances, and we SHOULDN’T give him anything??!! He has tried to be savy in his buying choices and YOU should write an article to discourage others from supporting him at all??!! Is it possible that others like him are in the same boat who are responsible, and so do you have to write a discouraging article like this to push there hopes down too? Consider these things next time you feel like shooting off your opinion and judgement on others.

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