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Richard Branson Enters Mortgage Biz with New Acquisition

June 2, 2007 No Comments »

Sir Richard Branson and his seemingly never-ending business plan has entered a new industry, surprisingly, mortgage. While many critics may think his timing is a bit funny, given the current state of the housing market, his spin on mortgages is ... Read More »

Are RealtyTrac’s Foreclosure Listings Misleading?

Are RealtyTrac’s Foreclosure Listings Misleading?
May 28, 2007 No Comments »

As the foreclosure market gains more steam and becomes the focus of the stagnating housing market, companies like RealtyTrac are beginning to grab a share of the limelight, and the profits. RealtyTrac, an Irvine, CA based company, specializes in foreclosure ... Read More »

Bank of America No Fee Mortgage

May 9, 2007 No Comments »

Bank of America, the sixth-largest home mortgage lender by new loan volume last year in the United States, released a new “no fee mortgage” program last week that promises absolutely no closing costs and application to funding turnaround time guarantees. ... Read More »

Ditech Freedom Loan

April 21, 2007 No Comments »

Amidst the subprime disaster and the current mortgage industry overhaul, companies like Ditech continue to release risky mortgage programs that remind of us how we got into this mess to begin with. I recently saw an advertisement on television for ... Read More »

Historical Conforming Loan Limits

April 21, 2007 No Comments »

For those who are unaware, conforming mortgages are loans that fall within the guidelines of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two largest financiers of home loans in the United States. Conforming loans typically have the lowest mortgage rates, but ... Read More »

Portfolio Loans: A Solution for Hard to Close Mortgage Deals

April 12, 2007 No Comments »

If you’re having a tough time getting home loan financing using a mortgage broker or a local mortgage lender, consider contacting a portfolio lender directly to close your mortgage. They can offer solutions that others cannot, and may have just ... Read More »

Stated Income Loans Becoming Increasingly Difficult

April 11, 2007 No Comments »

Looks like the part is coming to an end; stated income loans, which dominated the mortgage market throughout the housing boom, are now being examined much more closely by underwriters amid the current mortgage crisis. Stated income, also known as ... Read More »

Fixed Mortgage Rates Pricing Lower than ARMs

April 10, 2007 No Comments »

When applying for a mortgage, be sure to look at all the available loan programs and their corresponding mortgage rates. Typically, fixed-rate mortgages come at a premium to adjustable-rate mortgages because of their perceived stability, but nowadays many investors are ... Read More »

What Not to Buy: Mortgage Stocks

March 10, 2007 No Comments »

A month after Wall Street battered subprime mortgage companies and the sector as a whole, some investors are beginning at look for bargains at the beleaguered companies who have managed to stay afloat. But the problems we’re seeing are merely ... Read More »

A List of Mortgage Closures, Mergers and Layoffs

A List of Mortgage Closures, Mergers and Layoffs
February 21, 2007 42 Comments »

I first created this list in February 2007, back when scores of mortgage companies were consolidating, laying off employees, sending out scary warnings, and going out of business. Around that time, some 2.33% of all U.S. mortgages were delinquent, a ... Read More »