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Top Mortgage Lenders in Nevada


It’s time to check out the top mortgage lenders in Nevada based on their total loan volume.

Last year, more than 600 mortgage companies funded nearly $33 billion in The Silver State, down from roughly $68 billion a year earlier.

But as always, there can only be one #1, and those honors went to a company you’ve likely heard of.

Yes, Rocket Mortgage was the top lender in the state, and by a very wide margin. Just like they were in 2021.

Read on to see which other companies made the top 10 lists.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Nevada (Overall)

RankingCompany Name2022 Loan Volume
1.Rocket Mortgage$1.8 billion
2.UWM$1.6 billion
3.Guild Mortgage$1.5 billion
4.loanDepot$1.2 billion
5.U.S. Bank$788 million
6.Wells Fargo$772 million
7.Zions Bancorp$662 million
8.Bank of America$578 million
9.DHI Mortgage$558 million
10.Lennar Mortgage$514 million

Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage funded $1.8 billion in home loans in the state of Nevada in 2022, per HMDA data from Richey May.

That was a two hundred million more than necessary to beat out second place United Wholesale Mortgage, its crosstown rival.

UWM works exclusively with mortgage brokers via the wholesale lending channel.

Guild Mortgage, which hails out of San Diego, took third with a slightly smaller $1.2 billion in origination volume.

In fourth was nonbank loanDepot with $1.2 billion, followed by U.S. Bank’s $788 million.

The rest of the top 10 included Wells Fargo, Zions Bancorp, Bank of America, DHI Mortgage, and Lennar Mortgage.

No major surprises in the list, but also no Nevada-based mortgage companies either.

Interestingly, two home builders made the top-10 list, a testament to the purchase-driven housing market nowadays.

Top Nevada Mortgage Lenders (for Home Buyers)

RankingCompany Name2022 Loan Volume
1.UWM$1.2 billion
2.Guild Mortgage$1.2 billion
3.loanDepot$657 million
4.Rocket Mortgage$610 million
5.DHI Mortgage$558 million
6.Lennar Mortgage$513 million
7.Wells Fargo$435 million
8.Pulte Mortgage$413 million
9.U.S. Bank$398 million
10.KBHS Home Loans$396 million

When we only include home purchase loans, UWM took the top spot with $1.2 billion funded, followed very closely by 2021’s #1 Nevada home purchase lender Guild Mortgage.

In third was loanDepot with $657 million, a significant drop from the top two, which appear to be dominating in Nevada.

Fourth went to Rocket Mortgage with $610 million, followed by DHI Mortgage (home builder D.R. Horton’s financing company) with $558 million.

Another three home builder financing divisions made up the bottom half the top 10, including Lennar Mortgage, Pulte Mortgage, and KBHS Home Loans.

Depositories Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank also managed to land there.

Once again, zero Nevada-based mortgage lenders in the mix here, which is surprising as home purchase loans are usually dominated by hometown companies.

Although, local home builders have grabbed significant home purchase market share as they’re able to offer huge incentives like temporary buydowns and permanent ones as well.

Top Nevada Refinance Lenders (for Existing Homeowners)

RankingCompany Name2022 Loan Volume
1.Rocket Mortgage$1.2 billion
2.loanDepot$503 million
3.UWM$434 million
4.Pennymac$345 million
5.Freedom Mortgage$343 million
6.U.S. Bank$313 million
7.Wells Fargo$303 million
8.PNC Bank$293 million
9.Guild Mortgage$273 million
10.Zions Bancorp$271 million

Turning our attention to mortgage refinances, Rocket Mortgage was easily tops with $1.2 billion. Of course, they funded a whopping $3.6 billion in this category a year prior.

That was more than double second place loanDepot, which managed just $503 million in refis.

In third was UWM with $434 million, followed by Pennymac with $345 million, and Freedom Mortgage with $343 million.

Freedom was recently the top VA lender and mainly a refinance specialist, but that sector has been hit particularly hard lately.

It seems that California-based companies are leading the way (other than Michigan’s Rocket), which might have something to do with their geographical location bordering Nevada.

Others in the top 10 included U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, Guild Mortgage, and Utah’s Zions Bancorp.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Las Vegas/Henderson

RankingCompany Name2022 Loan Volume
1.Rocket Mortgage$996 million
2.UWM$990 million
3.loanDepot$655 million
4.Guild Mortgage$471 million
5.Zions Bancorp$401 million
6.Wells Fargo$375 million
7.KeyBank$354 million
8.U.S. Bank$333 million
9.Bank of America$296 million
10.Fairway Independent$280 million

Top Mortgage Lenders in Reno

RankingCompany Name2022 Loan Volume
1.Guild Mortgage$283 million
2.Rocket Mortgage$186 million
3.U.S. Bank$141 million
4.UWM$130 million
5.Wells Fargo$115 million
6.Bank of America$101 million
7.United FCU$95 million
8.Chase$92 million
9.loanDepot$85 million
10.DHI Mortgage$81 million

The Best Nevada Mortgage Lenders?

As noted, none of the top 10 lenders (by volume) are Nevada-based companies. Instead, most are headquartered in nearby California.

While this makes sense, some folks might be interested in a local lender, as this can build trust when dealing with an important life decision such as a home purchase.

I went to Zillow to find some customer reviews, and found that All Western Mortgage, Inc. had the most reviews, over 700 of them. And more importantly, they have a 4.99/5 rating as of this writing.

That’s pretty much unbeatable, though as noted, they only managed to make 11th place in the purchase category, and 13th overall in the state of Nevada.

Still, when going up against the big boys, it’s not a bad ranking.

There’s also Valley West Mortgage out of Vegas with a 4.73/5 rating from over 200 reviews, along with Pinnacle Lending Group, Inc. (4.96/5) and Lone Mortgage (also 4.96/5), both with over 100 reviews.

It appears there are many, smaller entities operating within the state, likely some independent mortgage brokers with their own shops.

As far as the national brands are concerned, they also have strong reviews on Zillow, with Rocket Mortgage holding a 4.48/5, Guild Mortgage with a 4.96/5, and Wells Fargo with a 4.95/5.

So whether you go big or small, far away or local, you should be able to find a reliable mortgage partner in the state of Nevada.

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