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Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? Turn Your Home Into a Billboard


If you’re having trouble keeping up with mortgage payments, which we know many of you are, there’s a new solution.

It might be a little less conventional than a loan modification or a short sale, but it’s still a solution, at least, according to a new company called Adzookie.

The “free mobile advertising network” is looking to create some buzz, and probably some capital, by offering the extreme home makeover.

So “if you’re prepared for bright colors and stares from neighbors,” head over to their website and fill out the short form to detail why your home should be picked.

If your home meets Adzookie’s criteria, a team member will contact you.

Just understand that you must own your home; it cannot be rented or leased.  If you’re already in the process of foreclosure, that too may be a no-no.

Adzookie will paint the entire outside of your home, minus the roof, the windows and any awnings.

Painting will take roughly 3 to 5 days, and your home must remain painted for at least three months (though it could last up to one year).

If you suddenly freak out and decide to cancel after three months, or if the company cancels the agreement, they’ll repaint your home back to its original colors.

It’s unclear how many mortgage payments they’ll make (or how big), but it looks like it’s a short-term offer, and one that will likely piss off your neighbors.


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