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Top Mortgage Lenders in Idaho


Let’s take a look at the top mortgage lenders in Idaho, based on annual loan origination volume.

The Gem State was one of the hotter housing markets last year, seeing an influx of buyers from other states nationwide.

That, plus rising home prices, led to over $42 billion in home loan origination volume there last year.

And while some 500+ mortgage companies took part, only one could claim the top spot.

Interestingly, the #1 mortgage lender in Idaho is homegrown. Read on to find out who it is.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Idaho (Overall)

RankingCompany Name2021 Loan Volume
1.Idaho Central CU$4.2 billion
2.Rocket Mortgage$2.4 billion
3.U.S. Bank$1.3 billion
4.Fairway Independent$1.2 billion
5.UWM$1.1 billion
6.Wells Fargo$1.1 billion
7.Academy Mortgage$1.0 billion
8.Guild Mortgage$911 million
9.Glacier Bank$843 million
10.Willamette Valley Bank$834 million

Even if you’re headquartered in a particular state, it’s difficult to beat out the national mortgage brands.

But Idaho Central Credit Union did just that, originating $4.2 billion in home loans in the state of Idaho in 2021, per HMDA data from Richey May.

That was more than enough to take out top ranked Rocket Mortgage, which only mustered $2.4 billion.

Pretty impressive feat, and a testament to how much Idahoans like their own local lender. It’s also one of the few credit unions (if only) to rank #1 in a state.

In third was U.S. Bank with $1.3 billion, followed by Fairway Independent Mortgage with $1.2 billion, and United Wholesale Mortgage with $1.1 billion.

Spots six through 10 went to Wells Fargo, Academy Mortgage, Guild Mortgage, Glacier Bank, and Willamette Valley Bank.

So just one hometown lender the in the bunch, though it was far and away the leader.

Top Idaho Mortgage Lenders (for Home Buyers)

RankingCompany Name2021 Loan Volume
1.Idaho Central CU$1.6 billion
2.Fairway Independent$659 million
3.Academy Mortgage$525 million
4.U.S. Bank$487 million
5.UWM$476 million
6.Supreme Lending$469 million
7.Wells Fargo$440 million
8.Glacier Bank$433 million
9.Willamette Bank$430 million
10.Chase$389 million

As far as home purchase lending was concerned, Idaho Central was even more dominant, taking first place easily with $1.6 billion funded.

That was more than double second place Fairway Independent’s $659 million, and tripled Academy Mortgage’s $525 million.

In fourth was U.S. Bank with $487 million, followed by UWM with $476 million.

The rest of the best included Dallas-based Supreme Lending, Wells Fargo, Glacier Bank, Willamette Bank, and Chase.

Surprisingly, just the one Idaho-based company in the list, despite home purchases being pretty personal, and thus often local.

But again, Idaho’s own Idaho Central CU was easily the leader here too.

Top Refinance Lenders in Idaho (for Existing Homeowners)

RankingCompany Name2021 Loan Volume
1.Idaho Central CU$2.6 billion
2.Rocket Mortgage$2.0 billion
3.U.S. Bank$721 million
4.UWM$670 million
5.Wells Fargo$663 million
6.Freedom Mortgage$633 million
7.loanDepot$592 million
8.Fairway Independent$554 million
9.Guild Mortgage$529 million
10.Pennymac$505 million

If we filter out purchase loans and focus only on existing homeowners who refinanced, Idaho Central was still king with $2.6 billion funded.

However, Rocket Mortgage wasn’t too far behind with $2 billion in refi originations. It then dropped off quite a bit with U.S. Bank coming in third with $721 million.

UWM and Wells Fargo took fourth and fifth, with $670 million and $663 million, respectively.

The bottom half of the top 10 included Freedom Mortgage, loanDepot, Fairway Independent, Guild Mortgage, and Pennymac.

Again, mostly bigger national brands and only the one Idaho-based lender. Perhaps there just aren’t a lot of large mortgage companies headquartered in the state.

But impressive to see Idaho Central sweep all three categories, including both home purchases and mortgage refinances.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Boise

RankingCompany Name2021 Loan Volume
1.Idaho Central CU$2.5 billion
2.Rocket Mortgage$1.3 billion
3.Fairway Independent$1.0 billion
4.Academy Mortgage$729 million
5.Guild Mortgage$614 million
6.UWM$611 million
7.U.S. Bank$539 million
8.Movement Mortgage$469 million
9.Wells Fargo$458 million
10.Flagstar Bank$429 million

The Best Idaho Mortgage Lenders (based on customer reviews)

We’ve discussed the biggest mortgage lenders in the state of Idaho. But what about the best?

As I always say, it’s difficult to get mortgage-specific reviews for a bank or credit union because they offer lots of different products.

There are also smaller companies that don’t necessarily make the lists above, but are still highly-rated.

For example, Meridian, Idaho-based Premier Mortgage Resources has a 4.95/5 on Zillow from nearly 300 reviews.

And Boise-based Blue Sky Financial has a 4.88/5 from nearly 150 reviews. They aren’t as big as the others, but come highly reviewed and are local to Idaho.

As for the big guys, Rocket has a 4.48/5 on Zillow, U.S. Bank has a 4.98/5, Fairway Independent a 4.95/5, and Wells Fargo a 4.95/5.

So there appear to be good options both small and large, and local and non-local. Take the time to compare different companies, and different types of companies.

That includes credit unions, banks, nonbank lenders, and independent mortgage brokers located in the state of Idaho and beyond.

(photo: Hillary Hartley)

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