Fastest Growing Cities in the United States

March 10, 2007 No Comments »

BusinessWeek and got together recently to compile a list of the ten fastest growing cities in some of the U.S.’s largest cities.

BusinessWeek scoured Zillow’s database of real estate information, taking the neighborhoods in each city that saw the most median home-value appreciation in the last five years, excluding those with a higher median home value than the median home value for the entire city.

These neighborhoods not only offer a great investment opportunity, but they come at a relative bargain, and offer a good quality of life in or near a major metropolitan area.

The list:

Dorchester, Massachusetts (Boston metro) 5-year change: 59.62%

East Garfield Park, Illinois (Chicago metro) 5-year change: 94.98%

Civic Center, Colorado (Denver metro) 5-year change: 16.49%

Pico Union, California (Los Angeles metro) 5-year change: 298.47%

Little River, Florida (Miami metro) 5-year change: 244.57%

Kingsbridge Heights, The Bronx (New York City metro) 6-year change: 344.56%

Cashion (Phoenix metro) 5-year change: 164.02%

Mission Bay (San Francisco metro) 5-year change: 124.86%

University District (Seattle metro) 5-year change: 87.92%

Tiffany (St. Louis metro) 5-year change: 130.48%

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