GMAC Posts $305 Million Net Loss Due to Weak Mortgage Unit

May 2, 2007 No Comments »

GMAC, the former finance arm of GM, which offers insurance, auto finance, investment services, business financing, and mortgages posted a net loss of $305 million due mainly to weakness in its’ ResCap mortgage unit.

The company’s mortgage lender Residential Capital, LLC, or ResCap, posted a quarterly net loss of $910 million, which eclipsed the profits of $605 million made in GMAC’s insurance and auto finance divisions.

ResCap’s operations include, GMAC Mortgage, GMAC Bank, GMAC-RFC, Homecomings Financial, GMAC Real Estate, and GMAC Global Relocation Services.

GMAC did note that ResCap had cut its “nonprimeloan origination volume to $3.3 billion during the first quarter from $9.1 billion a year earlier, but also noted increased delinquencies.

Another $1 billion was also spent on the ailing mortgage unit, though GMAC expects a “”considerable improvement” and “much-reduced” losses in their U.S. operations for the second quarter.

GM still owns 49 percent of their former finance unit GMAC, and the news comes just a day before they announce earnings.

Ratings agencies Moody’s and Fitch Ratings cut their outlook for ResCap to “negative” from “stable” following GMAC’s earnings release.

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