McCain Strikes Back with His Own Housing Ad

August 22, 2008 No Comments »

So presidential hopeful John McCain has struck back with a response to the foreclosure ad Barack Obama ran Wednesday.

In the ad, McCain highlights Obama’s 2005 land deal with convicted businessman and significant fundraiser Tony Rezko, saying, “Obama knows a lot about housing problems…”

It notes that Obama was able to get his hands on the “million-dollar mansion” in exchange for political favors, some at taxpayers’ expense.

Politico analyzed the McCain records and found that all eight of his properties are owned by Cindy McCain, her children, and trusts and companies under their control.

Apparently five of the news homes (condos) were purchased between the summer of 2004 and as recently as February, in housing hot spots like Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA. Odd?

Now we just need to find out where they got their mortgages…

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