Online Mortgage Advertising Mixed in January

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According to AdRelevance, Nielsen Online’s advertising research service, online mortgage advertising was mixed in January, though huge players like Countrywide greatly reduced their spending.

NexTag, Inc. continued to lead all advertisers by spending a whopping $65.5 million in January, up from roughly $61 million in December.

Among other things, the company provides mortgage leads similar to those generated by LendingTree.

Experian Group, whose stable of offerings include credit report services and mortgage rate ads from “LowerMyBills”, more than doubled spending in January, with total spend up to $61.1 million, up from $29.2 million in December.

The creator of the dancing alien ads climbed to the second spot from the sixth spot as a result, so look for more crazy ads on a webpage near you.

The biggest cutback seemed to be at Countrywide, who reduced their monthly spend to just $13.4 million after spending $38.3 million in December.

As a result, the top mortgage lender fell from the second largest advertiser to the eighth.

Low Rate Source, another lead aggregator which spent $26.6 million in December to hold the eighth spot didn’t make the top ten in January, where the lowest spend was just $12.7 million.

HSBC also reduced its spending markedly, falling from the top ten list in January after claiming the ninth spot in December with $23.5 million spent.

Keep in mind that Nielsen data only includes CPM advertising, and not search, e-mail, or cost-per-click advertising, which also makes up a good chunk of the total online advertising spend.

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