22 Percent Having Difficulty Paying Mortgage

April 4, 2011 No Comments »


A new Harris Poll revealed that 22 percent of homeowners are having difficulty paying the mortgage, down from 29 percent a year ago.

This number includes seven percent who are having a “a great deal of difficulty,” and 15 percent who are having “some difficulty” making mortgage payments.

That seven percent equates to about 11 million people, while the 22 percent accounts for roughly 32 million homeowners.

However, the numbers are much lower than the 11 percent and 18 percent, respectively, seen a year ago.

Unfortunately, Harris warned that the lower numbers could be partially attributed to some who had been in difficulty that eventually lost their homes to foreclosure.

Meanwhile, 73 percent of homeowners said they are having “not much” or “no difficulty” making payments.

As expected, those with higher incomes have less concern about missing payments, and those in the lowest income bracket are expressing the most worry.

The poll also revealed that 66 percent of adults have mortgages on their homes, compared to 69 percent a year ago.

And 22 percent said they had a mortgage that was subsequently paid off (how to pay off the mortgage early).


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