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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about refinancing a mortgage, which is essentially replacing your dusty old home loan with a brand new shiny one.

There are many reasons to refinance a mortgage, but it usually boils down to wanting a lower interest rate or the desire to tap home equity.

Those who simply want a lower rate (or a different loan program) go with a rate and term refinance.

And those who want to tap equity go with a cash out refinance, which can also result in a lower mortgage rate if the timing is right!

There is also the streamline refinance, which makes it easier to refinance your home loan thanks to fewer paperwork requirements, even if your property value has declined.

I’ve also written a thorough article on the the mortgage refinance process, step-by-step, which is a must-read as well.

Check out those in-depth articles or browse the latest refinance-related posts below to learn more about the process!