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Service Launched to Help Pets Affected by Foreclosure


A new non-profit called “No Paws Left Behind” was launched today to help foreclosure victims find homes for their pets if they’re unable to take them to their next place of residence.

So-called “foreclosure pets” are surging in numbers as millions of U.S. homeowners face the prospect of losing their homes, putting millions of pets at risk as well who are often left at abandoned homes without necessary care.

“In an effort to help families coping with the devastating foreclosure process, we are bringing awareness to the growing trend of abandoned pets and offering possible solutions,” said Cheryl Lang, founder of No Paws Left Behind, in a statement.

“We founded No Paws Left Behind to provide homeowners facing foreclosure with a resource for finding alternative housing for their pets during this difficult time. Through visiting our Web site, borrowers are provided with an array of housing options for their pets, whether a no kill shelter or temporary foster care. No Paws Left Behind will also provide monetary assistance for pet deposits required by new landlords.”

Borrowers facing foreclosure who are unable to care for their pets can visit to search for local no-kill shelters and other housing providers by zip code.

The website also includes helpful tips for both homeowners and mortgage lenders to help minimize the epidemic.

Additionally, the organization is working to repeal current law that prevents the removal of pets from abandoned properties before the eviction process, leaving inspection officers with little choice but to leave at-risk pets in a bad situation.

If you’re currently facing foreclosure and unable to care for your pet, please consider using this service.

(photo: yukari)

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