Chase to Open 24 New Mortgage Counseling Offices

December 16, 2009 No Comments »


Chase plans to nearly double its number of mortgage counseling offices in the wake of the worst mortgage crisis in recent history.

The New York City-based bank and mortgage lender said today it will open 24 additional Chase Homeownership Centers in the next four months in order to provide face-to-face assistance to more homeowners facing foreclosure.

Borrowers can schedule appointments or walk in six days a week if they need help understanding their options; the centers have already served more than 60,000 homeowners.

“Our first 27 centers have proven to very effective in reaching families who are facing financial hardship and have fallen behind on their mortgages,” said Charlie Scharf, head of Retail Financial Services at Chase, the consumer business of JPMorgan Chase, in a release.

“So, we are adding more locations to help more homeowners with their loans, including working with them to complete and assemble all the documents we need to provide permanent payment relief.”

The move will increase the bank’s counseling centers to 51, with a presence in 14 states and Washington D.C.

Six new important markets will be covered, including Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, and Seattle.

Additionally, 18 centers will be opened to supplement existing ones, with seven new centers coming to hard-hit California, pushing the state’s total to 16.

Similarly struck Florida will receive six additional counseling centers, pushing its total to 11, including four in the Miami area alone.

So far this year, Chase has approved more than 568,000 trial loan modifications under HAMP, its own loan modification program, and via Fannie, Freddie, and VA/FHA programs.

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