Marriage and Mortgage Don’t Mix

December 4, 2006 No Comments »

So you’re planning on getting married next summer, and you just need to find a perfect house before that magical day. There’s no possible way you could continue to live in an apartment or simply rent once you’re married!

Why do newlyweds have this mentality? Is it the seriousness of marriage, or the need for a solid foundation to begin raising a family? Either way, one shouldn’t buy a home simply because of a recent or looming marriage.

You should buy a home when you have found the right property and are financially able to go through with the purchase.

All I see these days are new couples rushing into home purchases because they’re engaged or newly married. To me this seems like a huge layer of stress to pile on top of an already stressful period. Buying a home is a huge commitment, and could lead to arguing and fighting, which is no way to start a marriage.

A wise couple should organize their finances, check and fix their credit, and do a lot of debt-to-income and valuation homework before buying a home. It doesn’t make sense to rush into the purchase of a new home simply because your status changed.

You certainly shouldn’t start your marriage off with a rash decision just because it’s the “normal” way of doing things, or because other couples or family members pressure you to buy a home. Take your time and do it right.

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