Top Five Loan Originators by Loan Volume

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It’s the weekend, so I decided to get creative and design a graph displaying the “Top Five Loan Originators” in terms of loan volume for the six months ended June 30, 2007.

As you can see from the graph above, Countrywide nearly doubled the output of second best Wells Fargo Home Mortgage with a whopping $245 billion in loan volume.

While CitiMortgage, Chase Home Finance, and Bank of America Mortgage all settled in around the $100 million mark in terms of loan originations.

Though Countrywide led in loan originations, their volume is up only 2.1% from the previous six months, whereas Wells Fargo Home Mortgage was down 22.5%, and CitiMortgage and Bank of America Mortgage were both up 17.2%.

Chase Home Finance wasn’t in the top five for the previous six months, so comparison data wasn’t available.

Unfortunately, shear loan volume won’t necessarily allow us to predict how these companies will fare in the coming months, as loan type and borrower quality are relatively unknown.

But I would assume that Countrywide is the riskiest of the five mortgage lenders, and for that reason may be one to watch out for if the mortgage crisis gets any worse.

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