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Website Selling “I Hate Mortgage Brokers” T-Shirts


A website popped up today selling “I Hate Mortgage Brokers” t-shirts and other various products such as baseball hats and teddy bears to foreclosure victims looking for a little bit of payback.

While I’m not sure why one would purchase a teddy bear with the message, “Mortgage Brokers SUCK!” on it, this clearly reveals the mortgage crisis’s firm foothold in pop culture.

The site selling the t-shirts asks if you’re “angry at the mortgage industry,” and offers pissed off Americans a chance to stick it to the man by donning a t-shirt with the message, “Beware of the Mortgage Broker” emblazoned on the front.

If that’s not clever enough for you, you can grab a t-shirt with the phrase, “I hate Lawyers Mortgage Brokers!”

Of course, if you’ve “lost everything” as the site mentions, you’d have to mull it over before spending what little you have left on a t-shirt that costs $20, but hey, that’s your decision.

I must say it’s a bit sad that the mortgage broker continues to get slammed for the mortgage crisis, as it’s clearly more complicated than that.

There were certainly scores of bad brokers and loan officers out there, but without the opportunity to push incentive-laden option arms and other toxic mortgages offered by banking giants and mortgage lenders, the crisis would not be where it is today.

Oh yeah, and the site also has an online petition aimed at lobbying for stronger mortgage industry regulation, with the goal to gather 1.5 million signatures by December 31.

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