A Tale of Two Houses

May 27, 2009 No Comments »

night and day

I took this photo up in Victorville, which is nearly 100 miles Northeast of Los Angeles (San Bernardino County).

It’s one of the harder hit areas of the state, thanks to overbuilding, propped up home prices, and not nearly enough demand.

This has been the case in many of the fringe areas of large metropolitan cities, where developers scurried to find new plots of land to build McMansions during the housing boom.

In this particular development, a huge number of the homes were clearly foreclosed, though most didn’t have obvious foreclosure signs posted in order to keep would-be vandals out.

However, those that were foreclosed had “no trespassing” notices in the windows with related loan servicer information.

They also had dead, brown and weedy lawns that made it quite apparent no one was living in the homes.

Amazingly, many of these hard-hit neighborhoods were still being built up, with construction active alongside the foreclosed homes.

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