HAMP Loan Modifications Rise Above 650,000

November 10, 2009 No Comments »

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The number of trial loan modifications extended via the Making Home Affordable program slipped past 650,000 in October, according to a data release from the Treasury today.

That’s up from 487,081 in September and 386,865 in August; another 919,965 trial period plans have been offered to struggling homeowners.

In total, 2,776,740 requests for financial information have been sent to borrowers since HAMP got underway.

California has led the nation in active trial loan modifications with 134,609, followed by Florida with 82,614 and Arizona with 34,424.

The fewest number were completed in North Dakota, just 170, only bettered by South Dakota’s 324 and Wyoming’s 352, though these states clearly have minimal foreclosure concerns.

“As this report demonstrates, struggling homeowners in every state now benefit from reduced monthly mortgage payments and have an opportunity to stay in their homes,” said Treasury Assistant Secretary Michael S. Barr, in a statement.

“The program is having a pronounced impact in areas particularly hard hit by the housing crisis. We’re reaching borrowers at a larger scale than any other modification program to date, but there is still much more work to be done.”

Saxon was the top loan servicer in terms of active trial modifications as a share of estimated 60+ day delinquencies at 44 percent, followed by CitiMortgage at 40 percent and GMAC at 35 percent.

That compares to just 13 percent at OneWest (formerly IndyMac), 14 percent at Bank of America, and 29 percent at Wells Fargo, the latter two being the top mortgage lenders through 2009.

Roughly 85% of eligible mortgage debt outstanding is covered by HAMP participating loan servicers.

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