Top Mortgage Lenders Q2 2010

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Wells Fargo was the top mortgage lender in the second quarter of 2010, according to

The San Francisco-based bank and mortgage lender saw loan originations of nearly $83 billion while claiming more than a 25 percent share of total residential lending volume.

However, the total was off 37 percent from the $131 billion funded a year earlier.

Bank of America came in a close second with $74 billion in fundings and a near-23 percent share – but volume was down 35 percent from a year ago at the Charlotte-based bank.

There was a steep dropoff for the third biggest mortgage lender, as Chase funded just $33 billion in the second quarter.

That helped them claim more than a 10 percent share of the total residential mortgage market, but again numbers were off 21 percent from the $42 billion funded a year earlier.

Citi was the biggest loser in the top ten, as it saw fundings drop a staggering 61 percent year-over-year to just over $12 billion.

Conversely, PHH Mortgage held pretty steady with fundings down just eight percent from a year ago.

Mortgage rates continue to hover near record lows, but most borrowers have either already refinanced or simply aren’t eligible thanks to issues like negative equity.

And no one seems too interested in purchasing a home with the lack of a homebuyer tax credit extension in the mix.

Top Mortgage Lenders

top mortgage lenders


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