A Map of Foreclosure Listings

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Ever wondered what all those foreclosures look like on a map? Below is a map provided by Realtytrac.

I copied this image on November 1, 2007 to give viewers an idea of how many foreclosure notices are being filed nationwide, and what areas seem to be impacted the most.

As expected, much of the Florida coastline is filled with foreclosure listings, as well as central Florida.

Based on the map below, we can now refer to Florida as the foreclosure state, as it’s literally nearly all shaded in with red.

In California, Los Angeles County all the way down to the border of Mexico is foreclosure ridden, along with the north in the Bay Area, and many parts of the Central Valley.

The only area that isn’t shaded is likely uninhabited.

Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, and Ohio look particularly nasty, as well as Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington.

New York is also filled with foreclosure listings, especially in New York City.

In fact, it looks like no major metropolitan area in the United States has been spared from the rise in foreclosure filings over the last few years.

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foreclosure map

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