Foreclosed Home Boarded Up With Owner Inside

June 9, 2009 No Comments »

boarded up

Believe it or not, a Minneapolis man facing foreclosure was boarded up in his home after failing to vacate in a timely fashion, according to the Star Tribune.

On May 12, 53-year old Ted Poetsch was met by a city inspector who told him he had one hour to back his belongings and leave the property.

Poetsch, who had been eating lunch at the time, grabbed some items and put his cat in its carrier; meanwhile, a contractor could be heard outside drilling door frames shut.

After making his way downstairs, he discovered the truck had left, leaving him boarded up inside the home, prompting the homeowner to call his onetime lawyer to help him get out.

City officials contended they gave Poetsch plenty of notice that they were coming that day to remove him from the home, but did admit his “incarceration” was a huge mistake.

Before the city gave ordered the homeowner to be removed, they determined that the house was potentially unsafe and that Poetsch was essentially a squatter after failing to pay his mortgage for some time.

According to user comments accompanying the article, the mortgage tied to the home, which Poetsch lived in since he was born, was paid off entirely.

But later a loan was taken out against the home for a new roof, to pay off credit card debt, and for “other expenses.”

The property is now owned by mortgage financier Fannie Mae.

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