Foreclosure Notice Posted on Wrong Home

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foreclosure notice

This was inevitable, right?  With all the foreclosure notices floating around, this just had to happen.

A Woodland, Washington man was shocked to find a notice of default posted on his home when he returned to his residence Friday, which said he needed to come up with $290,000 to avoid foreclosure.

The homeowner, Kraig Neet, told affiliate Fox 12 Oregon he knew he hadn’t missed a mortgage payment or even been late, but panicked anyway, as most would in such a situation.

After three days of searching for an explanation, Neet discovered it was a simple mistake made by the serving attorney.

The attorney’s office had posted foreclosure notices on two other homes in the same development, and had included Neet’s home on its list as a simple oversight.

The attorney has since rescinded the foreclosure notice and said it will not affect Neet in any way, though the disgruntled homeowner fretted about any possible impact to his credit score, and was certainly shaken up over the ordeal.

But hey, accidents happen, especially when foreclosure activity is surging at unprecedented levels.

After all, more than 11 percent of U.S. mortgages are late or in foreclosure, so go figure.

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