Foreclosure Protest Ends with Seven Arrests

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A man who holed up inside his home to avoid a foreclosure-driven eviction was removed today after a week-long protest.

The homeowner, Keith Sadler, along with several protesters from the “Toledo Foreclosure Defense League,” had bound themselves together using chains.

State Bank and Trust Co. foreclosed on the Stony Ridge, Ohio home last year and later purchased it at a sheriff’s sale in March for $33,333.

Court records reveal that Sadler was supposed to vacate the property by midnight Monday, but it was clear he had no intentions of leaving voluntarily.

The disgruntled homeowner said he had made mortgage payments for 12 years since buying the property from his father, and only fell behind after being laid off from his job (and for medical reasons).

He lived in the home for some 20 years before police knocked down the front door at 6:30 AM local time and carried him out by his arms and legs.

Sadler, along with six others, Connie Smithengale, 20; Bryer Baumgartner, 19; Nicholas Botek, 23; Jessica Angelov, 20; Daniel Orange, 25; and Johnathan Kutsch, 22, were arrested and charged with misdemeanor obstructing justice and trespassing.

The Toledo Foreclosure Defense League has called for a moratorium on both foreclosures and evictions, arguing that banks and mortgage lenders have been bailed out while homeowners get kicked to the curb.

Back in February, there was word of a so-called “foreclosure ban,” which essentially would prohibit foreclosure action until a borrower was evaluated and found to ineligible for HAMP (or a reasonable attempt to contact the borrower was made).

This isn’t the first dramatic tale of foreclosure and probably won’t be the last…back in September, a San Diego man robbed a bank in order to make his mortgage payments.

A month earlier, a family lost their home to foreclosure thanks to a 7-cent underpayment.

What’s next?

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