Home of Rapper DMX in Foreclosure

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The Arizona home of hip-hop star DMX is reportedly in foreclosure, though the rapper himself hasn’t resided in the property for some time.

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, has been in jail on a number of charges for things like animal cruelty, theft, and drug convictions.

Per AZfamily.com, Simmons purchased the five-bedroom, Cave Creek, Arizona home back in 2003 for roughly $600,000, but a local real estate agent listed the property for just $429,000 after he fell behind on mortgage payments.

Part of the reason for the low asking price, aside from an ailing real estate market, is the fact that the home was raided by SWAT team members investigating the aforementioned charges.

After the raid, the home was apparently left in shambles, with charred carpet and tile, blown out doors, and shattered windows.

As a result, thieves gained access to the property and stole many of the rapper’s prized possessions, including the four-wheelers he famously drove in his once-popular music videos.

Other items deemed less desirable were hurled into his pool, simply adding insult to injury.

Andrew Wheeler, the real estate agent assigned to sell the home, referred to the property as a fixer-upper.

(photo: alexindigo)

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