Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Goes on Hunger Strike

November 10, 2010 No Comments »

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A Baltimore woman facing foreclosure staged a hunger strike at the nation’s capital to gain awareness and possibly save her home.

The woman, Lauren Rymer, reportedly fell behind on her mortgage payments and was facing foreclosure after her property taxes spiked thanks to a reassessment of her home’s value.

The whole thing was a bit of mixup, as the city apparently didn’t send permits to the assessors regarding rehabs that were done to the property when Rymer purchased it.

That kept homeowner taxes artificially low for several years before they eventually doubled.

Rymer actually has an interest-only home loan, but only expected payments to increase by $218 per month once the loan became fully amortized.

Her mortgage servicer said she didn’t qualify for a loan modification, and a short sale failed to bring in any offers, at least any the mortgage lender would accept.

On Monday, she went to the state capital with a sign which read, “Hunger Strike Against Foreclosure Day 1.”

It wasn’t long before the Department of Housing and Community Development brought her in for a meeting and suggested she pursue a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley also stepped in, and is apparently looking at other alternatives for the struggling homeowner.

Rymer said part of her goal was to “exhort politicians to do more to oversee loan modification efforts, making sure people who should qualify actually get one.”

I guess this beats bulldozing your own home to avoid foreclosure or staging a robbery to make your mortgage payments…

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