Octuplet Residence Facing Foreclosure

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I hesitate to refer to this as a “celebrity foreclosure,” but the home where “Octomom” and her many children have been residing is facing foreclosure, according to a notice of default obtained by none other than TMZ.

The notice indicated that Angela Suleman, the mother of Octomom, owes more than $23,000 in back mortgage payments on her three-bedroom Whittier, CA home.

The mortgage, issued at some point by now defunct Indymac, apparently hasn’t been paid since May 2008, and Suleman has now filed for bankruptcy protection.

Her daughter Nadya, the infamous unemployed mother of 14 who has been living on food stamps and disability checks, has reportedly been living with her own mother in the home.

Fortunately, Nadya has been looking for a new home in the same area, and appears to be interested in a 4-bedroom, 2 ½ bath home with a $1.24 million price tag.

It’s unclear how she might pay for the new mortgage, though the slew of media rounds she took part in may provide more than enough to get the bills paid.

One could also speculate that the notice of default obtained by TMZ was sold by the family itself, but who knows?

(photo: jeroenkransen)

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