Unpaid Parking Ticket Leads to Foreclosure

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File this one under ridiculous and unfortunate.

A man who failed to pay a $50 parking ticket in 2004 had his $245,000 home foreclosed upon last week, according to a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The homeowner, Peter Tubic, received the citation for parking his van in his own driveway without license plates, which breaks a zoning code aimed at keeping properties looking tidy.

The minor fine went ignored, partially because Tubic has documented health and psychological issues that made it more difficult for him to resolve the situation.

Further complicating the matter was the fact that both his parents were suffering from life threatening ailments, pushing the ticket onto the backburner.

But it wasn’t long before the minor ticket became a major problem, as the cost surged to a whopping $2,645 and a tax lien was filed against the home.

Over the years, Tubic received 15 or more notices seeking payment and notifying him of the pending foreclosure on his free-and-clear home (no mortgage), but still failed to act.

Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett stepped in yesterday, vowing to help the man, though it’s unclear if that pledge of assistance includes a reversal of the foreclosure proceedings.

A court hearing is scheduled for September 11 to determine if the city will retain ownership of the home.

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