Comic Book Saves Family from Foreclosure

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When loan modifications don’t work, start searching feverishly through your attic for rare collectibles.

A family facing foreclosure, which chose to remain anonymous, came across an “Action Comics #1” comic book while in the process of packing up their belongings, according to

That rare title happens to include the introduction of a certain superhero named Superman, making it quite the find.

In fact, similar copies recently sold for $1 million and $1.5 million, meaning the sale of their copy would surely save the family from foreclosure.

The copy of the rare comic went on display at Comic-Con in San Diego this past weekend, where it was also officially graded.

Stephen Fishler, co-owner of New York’s ComicConnect and Metropolis Collectibles, the man first contacted by the family after the discovery, believes it will fetch a price of about $250,000 when it goes up at auction.

That should be enough to help the family avoid a similar auction on their own home.

Finally a feelgood foreclosure story…

(photo: levork)

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