Luxury Home Foreclosure Jet Tour

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Foreclosure bus tours are so passé, and oh so tacky. If you’re going to shop for foreclosures, take a jet for goodness sake.

After all, it’s free, thanks to Luxury Home of Las Vegas and JetSuite Air, who unveiled their “Luxury Home Foreclosure Private Jet Tour” this week, aimed at unloading three bank-owned mansions in Las Vegas.

The jet tour departs from Los Angeles on April 17 at 10am and returns at 6pm, and is open for a limited time to qualified buyers “who simply show proof of funds and net worth sufficient to purchase a luxury home.”

No stated income here folks. Oh, and the homes are priced from $4.65 million to $6.125 million, so bring your A-game.

All three homes are selling at multi-million dollar discounts compared to their listing prices at market peak.

“I’m pleased to team up with JetSuite Air to expose an out-of-town audience to Las Vegas to see these incredibly reduced-priced luxury homes,” said Ken Lowman, Broker and Owner of Luxury Homes of Las Vegas, in a press release.

“What better way to travel than in an exquisite private jet.  I’ve been telling all my potential buyers who are waiting in the wings the same message.  If you have the wherewithal, now is the time to buy.”

If all goes well, which I’m sure it will, future departure cities may include Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City.

(photo: schnaars)

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