The Epidemic is Nationwide

July 23, 2008 No Comments »


I’m driving across the USA all this week (don’t ask me why), so my writing will be limited to sporadic at best.

I’ll try to post any interesting pictures I can capture that relate to the ongoing mortgage crisis, like the one seen above, which I shot in southern Utah.

I suppose this proves that all the madness isn’t limited to just California and Florida, as I’ve seen foreclosure signs, bank owned properties, and related items in every state I’ve driven through thus far.

There are a ton more like it, although I’ve missed a bunch for lack of better camera-related maneuvering.

The good news is home prices seem to be dropping, as I’ve come across for sale signs in California offering homes in the “high 100s,” which seems more reasonable, although even those might be overpriced at this point.

If you’ve got interesting mortgage/housing bubble photos from your neck of the woods that you’d like to share, contact me!

More to come.

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