Hockey Team Offers to Make Fan’s Mortgage Payments

November 11, 2008 No Comments »


Everyone knows times are tough, and that fact is especially evident in non-essential sectors of the economy, such as the entertainment realm.

And so companies have increasingly offered discounts and specials aimed at bringing in more frugal consumers, including the latest stunt by the St. Louis Blues hockey team.

In an effort to sell more tickets, the team has launched a “fan bailout” program to give one lucky attendee at every remaining Saturday night home game the chance to forego rent or mortgage payments for four months.

The winner will be awarded up to $4,000 total to put towards their monthly rent or mortgage payments, which wouldn’t go a long way in California or Florida, but could still provide some much needed relief for the average struggling homeowner.

As part of the promo, the team is also offering discounted tickets in a variety of sections in the arena, along with “Free Food Games” to drive up sales.

The St. Louis Blues’ owner, David W. Checketts, also happens to serve on the board of directors for Republic Mortgage, so go figure.

This isn’t’ the first time a promo has been aimed at paying off the mortgage.

In late June, Columbia Pictures launched the “Hancock’s Helping Hand Mortgage Payoff Contest,” offering one lucky homeowner $360,000 to help settle the mortgage.

Another sign of the times…

(photo: dherholz)

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